Aerosmith Rock For The Rising Sun Blu-ray

Aerosmith Rock For The Rising Sun Blu-ray

In March 2011 Japan fell victim to a tragedy. An earthquake and tsunami the likes of which the Japanese people had never seen. The Fukushima nuclear plant suffered a core meltdown, spreading radiation - and fear - across the country.
Disregarding warnings to stay away, Aerosmith, along with its management and crew decided there was only one way to help the people of Japan.
With their music.


-Titulo Alterno: Aerosmith Rock fot the Rising Sun
-Idioma: Inglés
-Subtítulos: English, Deutsch, Francais, Español, Italiano, Nederlands, Portugues
-UPC: 801213345595
-Distribuidora: Universal Music
-Año: 2013
-Cantidad de Discos: 1 Blu-ray
-Menú Interactivo
-Selección de Escenas
-Duración: 105 mins. Aprox.
-Audio: DTS HD Master Audio, LPCM Stereo
-Clasificación: "A"
-Formato de resolución: 1080i High Definition
-Presentación Pantalla: 16x9 Widescreen 1.78:1
-Región: A
-Genero: Musical


- Draw the line
- Love in an Elevator
- Livin' on the Edge
- Hangman Jury
- No more no more
- Mama kin
- Monkey on my back
- Toys in the Attic
- Listen to the Thunder
- Sweet Emotion
- Boogie Man
- Rats in the Cellar
- Movin' Out
- Last Child
- S.O.S. (Too Bad)
- Walk this Way
- Train Kept a Rollin' (Credits)
Bonus Track
Lick and a Promise
One way Street


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